Group members

Research Associate

Eric Chen

BS Env. Eng. Sci. UC Berkeley ’97
MS UT Austin ’04
PhD UT Austin ’07

Pilot Plant Operations Manager

Current Graduate Students



Korede Akinpelumi

B.S. ChE University of Lagos

Amine Aerosol Measurement and Modeling to Support Amine Scrubbing Technology for CO2 Capture




Matt B

Matt Beaudry

B.S. ChE Lamar University ’11

Aerosol Management for CO2 Capture Processes






Kent Fischer

B.S. Chem Southern Methodist U ’13

Metal Removal from Amine Solutions




Paul Nielsen

B.S. ChBE Georgia Tech ’11

Degradation of Pilot Plant Amine Solutions




Joe Selinger  joe-selinger

B.S. ChE Carnegie Mellon University ’13

Removal of NO2 using Sulfite





Di Song

B.S. ChE Zhejiang University ’12

Packing Characterization in Absorber for CO2 Capture Processes

Ye Yuan  Ye

B.S. ChE Purdue University ’13

Diffusion and Reaction of CO2 into Amine Solvent





Yue Zhang

B.S. ChE Zhejiang University ’13

Absorber Performance with High CO2 Concentration